2019 Conference Details are coming soon!

 OIPEEC organises conferences every second year to discuss issues of relevance to ropes. These conferences are open to members and non-members alike. Past conferences covered varied topics such as "Simulating Rope Applications", "The Non-destructive Testing of Ropes", "Rope Terminations and Fittings", "Wire Rope Discard Criteria" "How to get the most out of your ropes", "Trends for ropes", "Innovative Ropes and Rope Applications" and "Challenging rope applications".

Previous Locations: 
2003 Lenzberg, Switzerland
2006 Athens, Greece
2007 Johannesburg, South Africa
2009 Stuttgart, Germany
2011 College Station, Texas
2013 Oxford, United Kingdom
2015 Stuttgart, Germany
2017 La Rochelle, France