2003 OIPEEC Conference Paper Titles


Author(s) ODN Title
Sayenga, D.

ODN 740

The advent of wire rope "constructions"
Voigt, P-G. ODN 741 Quality of steel wire ropes
Vogel, W. ODN 742 Endurance and discard of ropes in lock gate drives
Wehking, K-H. ODN 743 Lifetime and discard for multilayer spooling in cranes
Buschmann, K. ODN 744 Rope failures on tower cranes
Eshkenazy, R., Weiss, M.P. and Elata, D. ODN 745 Torsion and bending stresses in non-rotation-resistant tower-crane ropes
Huber, H.M. ODN 746 Extreme rope rotation
Oplatka, G. ODN 747 Even relief of stress in a rope may have disastrous consequences: Two examples
Wiek, L. ODN 748 Wire rope fracture by exceptional damage
Hankus, J. ODN 749 Integrated methods for testing and assessment of safety condition of steel wire ropes
Sukhorukov, V.V., Kotelnikov, V.S., Zhukov, V.G. & Khudoshin, A.A. ODN 750 Importance of rope NDT for safe lifting by cranes
Volokhovsky, V.Yu., Vorontsov, A.N., Kagan, A.Ya. & Sukhorukov, V.V. ODN 751 Stochastic assessment of steel rope strength using magnetic NDT results
McCann, P. & Smith, D. ODN 752 Evaluation of instruments for the non-destructive testing (NDT) of wire ropes
Siegert, D. & Brevet, P. ODN 753 Fatigue of stay cables inside end fittings: high frequencies of wind induced vibrations
Kopanakis, G.A. ODN 754 Examples of vibrations due to a stranded rope running over pulleys and the chosen solution
Berezhinsky, V. ODN 755 Dangerous deterioration of steel wire ropes occurring over a local length
Tytko, A.A. ODN 756 Wire rope endurance on multi-rope friction winders
Chaplin, C.R. ODN 757 Rope tension in traction winches