OIPEEC Obituaries

Mr. John Dodd, Past President, OIPEEC

It is with great sadness we inform you of John Dodd’s passing. An OIPEEC member and Management Committee Member for many years; his quick wit and the twinkle in his eye will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with his wife Jill and family.

WIRELOCK® is the invention of John Dodd - chairman and founder of Millfield Enterprises (Manufacturing) LTD. John combined his passion for chemistry with and interest in the UK mining industry which was then a major part of the NE England’s industrial landscape. The mines were looking for a product that would eliminate the hazards of working with molten metal and produce a void free socket. The result of his research and drive was the manufacture of WIRELOCK® - the original cold socketing compound which was successfully launched in the UK mining industry in 1963.


OIPEEC is saddened to inform you of the death of Donald Sayenga and John Wainwright.
Their contributions to the wire rope industry will not be forgotten.

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