Introduction to OIPEEC

OIPEEC is an international association of people with an interest in all aspects of rope technology, including selection, degradation, inspection, endurance and discard. Established in 1963, OIPEEC currently has over 100 members from 25 countries.

OIPEEC organizes meetings every second year to discuss issues of relevance to ropes. These meetings are open to members and non-members alike. Past conferences covered varied topics such as “The Non-destructive Testing of Ropes”, “Rope Terminations and Fittings”, “Wire Rope Discard Criteria”, “How to get the most out of your ropes”, “Trends for ropes” and “Simulating rope applications, “Challenging Rope Applications”.

As an organization OIPEEC does not perform wire rope research itself but rather tries to coordinate international research through active working groups. Moreover, OIPEEC meetings usually foster ‘research exchange’ between individuals involved in rope science. As such, OIPEEC fulfils the role of providing an international ‘meeting place’ of rope scientist engineers and researchers from around the globe. Also, OIPEEC maintains an active relationship with other trade- or educational organizations, such as AWRF, OITAF, EWRIS, WRTB, etc.

OIPEEC maintains a public web based library of its publications. Members receive annually OIPEEC’s “International Journal of Rope Science and Technology”.

During each conference OIPEEC offers an award for the best paper. The language used for publications and meetings is English.