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The International Journal of Rope Science and Technologyn Published by OIPEEC once a year

ISSN: 1997-6461

Aim of the Journal

To provide a forum for the exchange of information relating to all aspects of ropes.

The OIPEEC Database

In order to further the accessibility of the information, OIPEEC maintains a database listing all its past publications from both its Journal and Conferences. CLICK HERE to access the database online.


The International Journal of Rope Science and Technology would be pleased to consider for publication any original paper related to any aspect of the science and technology of ropes.

The term rope should be taken in its broadest sense, including wire ropes, fibre ropes, umbilicals, hoses etc.

Science and Technology includes practical, experimental and analytical aspects of the: design, manufacture, deployment, service behaviour, condition monitoring, degradation mechanisms, standards and so on.

OIPEEC Refereeing Committee

All papers will be peer reviewed by at least two independent referees who make recommendations on the suitability of the article for publication.

The referees will recommend whether the paper is suitable or unsuitable for publication as it stands. Alternatively, they may request that the authors revise their paper or to clarify certain points before it can be accepted as suitable for publication.

The refereeing process is ‘single-blind’ that is, the referees remain anonymous and their identities are not released to the authors. The referees, however, will be informed of the author’s name(s) and affiliation(s).

The OIPEEC Refereeing Committee consists of a chairman and up to eight members. In order to ensure as broad a cross section of disciplines as possible, these members are both OIPEEC and non-OIPEEC members, with both industrial and academic backgrounds.

Submit a paper

Authors should read the Instructions for Authors before submitting their paper.

Papers should be submitted as a MS word document to the Editor of the Journal, Martin Dohm, either by email or by post (electronic file on disc) to the address below. In addition to a word version of the article, authors are also requested to submit a hard copy or .pdf version. This is to ensure that the article is not corrupted during processing.

International Journal of Rope Science and Technology
c / o Mr. Martin Dohm
PO Box 3157
Halfway House 1685
Rep. of South Africa
Email: Martin Dohm

Instructions for Authors

Those interested in submitting a paper for consideration for publication should read the guidelines Instructions for Authors before they submit their paper. Please download and use the template IJRST paper template for the preparation of your paper.

Back Issues

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