Rope Literature Databases

This section provides links to online databases of rope related literatue.

ETH Zürich Ropeway Literature Database

The Institute of Mechanical Systems, Ropeway Techniques division (formerly the Inst. of Lightweight Structures and Ropeways) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich has a significant literature collection of about 15000 items concerning Ropes and Ropeways. This collection is housed in and can be studied at the ETH Library. A database has been made containing bibliographic records for 5000 of the most important documents, including items (in several languages) such as journal articles, books, conference proceedings, standard specifications, communications, patent specifications and grey literature (unpublished reports) – but no confidential documents.

The Information Centre for Ropeway Studies and the ROPEWAY Database, Arthur Lakes Library at Colorado School of Mines

In 1991, the Information Centre for Ropeway Studies was established at the Arthur Lakes Library on the Colorado School of Mines campus. The special collection in the Centre contains information on the history, theory, design, and operation of ropeway systems. Collection now includes approximately 250 monographs, seven journal and newsletter titles, a manufacturers’ catalogue file, a reprint file, a slide and lantern slide collection, photographs, and videos.

The ROPEWAY Database is a bibliographic database of citations of journal articles, symposia, books, reports, handbooks, manufacturers’ catalogues, and/or any other print or media information in the public domain pertaining to the theory, design, history and operation of ropeway systems. The database is searchable using Endeavor’s Voyager software.

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