2006 OIPEEC Conference Paper Titles

Author(s) ODN Title
Z. Muskalski and J. Hankus ODN 0767 The influence of the change of drawing direction on the mechanical properties of steel wire and ropes
Z. Muskalski, S. WiewiÓrowska and M. Suliga ODN 0768 The influence of the hot-dip zinc coating on the fatigue durability of high carbon steel wires
N. O’Hear, O. Grabandt, R.E. Hobbs and C. Das ODN 0769 Synthetic fibre ropes for mine winding
G. Rebel, R. Verreet and I.M.L. Ridge ODN 0770 Lightweight ropes for lifting applications
R. Verreet ODN 0771 A new method for detecting wire rope defects
J. Pištora, M. Lesňák and T. Yamaguchi ODN 0772 New mini-defectoscope for steel rope testing
A. Vorontsov, V. Volokhovsky, V. Sukhorukov and I. Shpakov ODN 0773 Strength interpretation of non-destructive testing of steel ropes and steel-cord conveyor belts
A. Mironenko and V. Sukorukov ODN 0774 Non-destructive testing of mining ropes: technical and economical aspects
S. Markusik and M. Markusik ODN 0775 Strenght conditions for rope systems in accordance with the European Standard EN 13001-3.2
B. Golis, H. Dyja, J.W. Pilarczyk, W. Waszkielewicz and R. Budzik ODN 0776 Changes of steel rope parameters as a result of the transformation of their constructions from “conventional” to “compacted”
R. Ashkenazi, D. Elata and M.P. Weiss ODN 0777 The breaking load of the 19′ 7 non-rotating wire rope under swivel condition
S. Ziegler and K.-H. Wehking ODN 0778 Calculation of rope stresses using the Finite Element Method
P.-G. Voigt ODN 0779 Designing high quality steel wire ropes: Design data collected from test results and field experience
H. Usabiaga, M.A. Madoz, M. Ezkurra and J.M. Pagalday ODN 0780 Mechanical interaction between wire ropes and sheaves
H. Usabiaga, M.A. Madoz, W. Tato and X. Gómez ODN 0781 Wear characterisation techniques for fatigued wire ropes
G. Oplatka, G. Piskoty and M. Zgraggen ODN 0782 Track rope incident at the Schilthombahn
S. Schönherr and K.-H. Wehking ODN 0783 Reduction in service life of wire ropes running over sheaves with angular offset
K.O. Papiliou ODN 0784 Facts and trends in the endurance capability of overhead line conductors, the Cigrė approach
U. Briem ODN 0785 Tension-tension behaviour of 8-strand ropes
A.A. Tytko ODN 0786 Limited endurance of full lock coil ropes in service on ropeways
J. Hankus and Ł. Hankus ODN 0787 Durability and fatigue processes of improved hoisting ropes
L. Vîlceanu, E. Ghita and T.D. Babeu ODN 0788 A statistic interpretation about the results of fatigue testing of wires
R. Ashkenazi, M.P. Weiss and D. Elata ODN 0789 Prediction of the mechanical response of a non rotation resistant, eight strand, double parallel rope, by means of the double helix model
B. Golis, H. Dyja, J.W. Pilarczyk, W. Waszkielewicz and R. Budzik ODN 0790 Strength characteristics of steel ropes manufactured from round wires with punctilinear contacts