2009 OIPEEC Conference Paper Titles

Author(s) ODN Title
J.C. Weis and I.M.L. Ridge ODN 0834 W.A.J. Albert and his wire rope
K.-H. Wehking ODN 0835 State-of-the art and future development of research and science of rope technology at the Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics at the University of Stuttgart
M.J. Cotte ODN 0836 The invention of the cable made of numerous thin iron wires, Marc Seguin & Co, 1821-1825
G.F.D. St. Germain ODN 0837 High performance synthetic roundslings
A. Carbogno, S. Mateja and W. Raszka ODN 0838 Tensile fatigue examination of flat rubber-coated tail steel ropes of SAG type
B. Pourladian ODN 0839 Some recent innovations for production of high-strength and fatigue-resistant 3-strand and 4-strand wire ropes
P.J.H.M. Smeets, M.P. Vlasblom and J.C. Weis ODN 0840 Latest improvements on HMPE rope design for steel wire rope applications
W. Vogel and W. Scheunemann ODN 0841 The use of small steel wire ropes in traction sheave elevators
P. Dietz, A. Lohrengel, T. Schwarzer and M. Wächter ODN 0842 Problems related to the design of multi-layer drums for synthetic and hybrid ropes
O. Gronau and G. Steinbach ODN 0843 Dimensioning of rope drives and operating time of wire ropes
O. Vennemann and B. Ernst ODN 0844 A practical approach to the predictions of lifetime of large diameter multi-layer wire ropes for use in deepwater deployment systems
D.A. Sayenga ODN 0845 Innovative ropes and ropes applications
R. Ashkenazi ODN 0846 The performance of sythetic ropes under extensive traction fatigue
O.R. Berner ODN 0847 Endurance of wire ropes in traction application
D. Raupp ODN 0848 Swagged fittings under tension and fatigue loads
U. Briem ODN 0849 Total fatigue behaviour of running ropes
J. Kowalski, J. Nowacki and A. Tytko ODN 0850 Database method for supporting the condition assessment of modern wire ropes
B. Longatti ODN 0851 Findings and developments following the Schilthorn Incident
F. Sloan ODN 0852 Damage mechanisms in synthetic fibre ropes
J. van Rensburg, R. Rontgen, G. Rebel and B. Schmitz ODN 0853 Update concerning the premature discard of 45 mm ropes operating on a Blair multi-rope rock winder
A. Canova, F. Degasperi, F. Ficelli, M. Forzan and B. Vusini ODN 0854 Experimental and numberical characterisation of ferromagnetic ropes and non-destructive testing devices
H. Usabiaga and D. Durville ODN 0855 A finite element approach for modeling wire ropes