2011 OIPEEC Conference Paper Titles

Author(s) ODN Title
G. Rebel, R. Verreet and B. Schmitz ODN 0866 Degradation mechanisms of wire ropes operating on multi-layer crane and mine hoisting drums
A. Lohrengel, K. Stahr and M. Wächter ODN 0867 Safe use of hoisting drums wound with multiple layers of wire, hybrid, fibre and/or large diameter ropes
A. A. Tytko ODN 0868 Strenght testing of retired main hoist ropes of multi-bucket wheel excavators
I.M.L. Ridge, R.E. Hobbs and S.J. Banfield ODN 0869 Wear of ropes on mooring fairleads
J. Marais and N. Bester ODN 0870 A holistic approach to continuoius rope monitoring
U. Briem ODN 0871 New calculation method for slip and cut procedure of rotary drilling lines
C.J.M. Del Vecchio and A. H. Monteiro ODN 0872 Quasi-static properties of high stiffness fibre ropes for ultra-deep water moorings
B. Ernst and K.-H. Wehking ODN 0873 The influence of twist on tension-tension fatigue of wire ropes
R. Verreet ODN 0874 What we can learn from wire rope failures: Predictable and unpredictable rope failures
R. Konrad and R. Traxl ODN 0875 The use of a non-rotating rope for the miracle rescue in Chile
S. Winter, A.Finckh-Jung and K.-H. Wehking ODN 0876 Research and development of a new termination for high-tensile fibre ropes
J. Moerkerk ODN 0877 Improved safety of steel wire rope end connections
R. Verreet and J. M. Teissier ODN 0878 A new and innovative wire rope bending fatigue machine
A. Gonçalves, P.R.F. Teixeira and F.E.G. Chimisso ODN 0879 Design of a machine to test the strength of synthetic mooring ropes used in marine technology
S. Winter, D. Moll and A. Steven ODN 0880 Development of new methods for Non Destructive Testing of stranded ropes with a diameter larger than 100 mm