2013 OIPEEC Conference Paper Titles

Author(s) ODN Title
I.M.L. Ridge and R.E. Hobbs ODN 0891 The effects of elevated temperatures on socketed terminations in service
I.M.L. Ridge, J.M. Teissier and R. Verreet ODN 0892 The effects of wire rope "safety clamps on rope terminations
A.Vorontsov, V. Volokhovsky and V. Sukhorukov ODN 0893 Hot metal crane ropes: magnetic NDT, capacity simulation, strength safety temperature criterion
A. Sioma, G. Olszyna and A. Tytko ODN 0894 Visual testing of ropes using 3 dimensional model of their geometry
H.R. Weischedel ODN 0895 Wire Rope Roughness (WRR), a new indicator for the quantitative characterization of wire rope deterioration
M. Nowak ODN 0896 Reasons for premature wear of hoist ropes used in the skip hoist
J.F. Flory ODN 0897 Test Method for Determining the 6 Change-In-Length Properties of Fibre Ropes
O. Reinelt, S. Winter and K.-H. Wehking ODN 0898 Detrmination of the Donaldt Force of rotation resistant wire ropes under dynamic working conditions
U. Briem ODN 0899 Lifetime of running ropes stressed by fluctuating tension and bending cycles
L. Lombardi and F. Clerici ODN 0900 An innovative method for wire rope fatigue life evaluation
W. van den Bos, C. de Ruiter and S. Maljaars ODN 0901 An axi-symmetric FEM model of drum with multi-layer rope winding
A. Lohrengel, K. Stahr and M. Wächter ODN 0902 Simulation of fibre ropes and their effects on the strain scenario of multi-layer wound rope drums
J.F. Flory ODN 0903 Simplified analysis of multi-segment and sinker catenary systems
R.E. Hobbs and I.M.L. Ridge ODN 0904 Torsional interactions in multi-component moorings
X. Amils, B. Durmas, P. Smeets, J. Boesten and J. Weis ODN 0905 Characteristics of steel hybrid ropes with UHMWPE fibre core and their applications
M. Bechtold and A. Jeays ODN 0906 Calculation of modulus and torque of a 6×19 IWRC rope with a Finite Element Model using beam elements
J.C. Weis and K.-H. Wehking ODN 0907 Parametric studies of cross sectional stresses for wire ropes under tensile load using the finite element method