2017 OIPEEC Conference Paper Titles

Author(s) ODN Title
J.F. Flory ODN 0932 The past, present and future of synthetic fiber ropes
P. Wang ODN 0933 Strength and strengthening of materials for rope applications
B. Ernst, R. Kirth and Y. Mupende ODN 0934 High strength fiber ropes for cranes
R.P.. Faria, R. Bosman,M. Crawford, S. Leite and J. Boesten ODN 0935 Enabling ultra-deep water deployment and recovery operations by safe usage of fiber rope
A. Moser and M. Hune ODN 0936 Synthetic pulling and tie-off devices for subsea pipes and umbillicals
G. Novak, M. Wehr and K-H. Wehking ODN 0937 Lifetime calculation of high-modulus fiber ropes
A. Lohrengel, M. Schulze, H. Erlendsson, J.A. Magnusson, P. Smeets and B. Tacken ODN 0938 The influence of high performance fiber rope designs on drum load and spooling performance in multi-layer drum equipment
G. Mozsgai and K. Volpenhein ODN 0939 Fibre rope tensile fatigue and its applicability to vessel mooring performance assessment and suitability
C. Bonetti, R. Martyna and M. Martyna ODN 0940 The new frontier of NDE using a combination of MRT, 3D measurement and vision system
S. Pernot ODN 0941 Wirelets for assessing the condition of ropes: a dive into magnetic signals
O. Reinelt, S. Winter and M. Wehr ODN 0942 Online monitoring of running ropes
L. Lombardi ODN 0943 Verification of rope discard criteria by post retirement analysis
G. Oplatka ODN 0944 Two unusual problems arising at the fixing of ropes on drums
K. Buschmann and U. Briem ODN 0945 Ultra deep temperature behaviour of wire rope and rope wires
N.B. Yenigul, N. Ermolaeva and R.Haddorp ODN 0946 Steel wire rope- sand interaction during landfall operations
M. Meleddu. F. Foti and L. Martinelli ODN 0947 Temperatures in active heave compensation ropes
K. Kuehner and K-H. Wehking ODN 0948 Quantitative effects of twist initiators in ropeways and actual findings on fatigue of twisted Lang's lay ropes
J.M. Teissier, I.M.L. Ridge, J.J. Evans and M. Fournier ODN 0949 The effect of wire break distribution on the breaking strength of a wire rope 
D. Slesarev, D. Sukhorukov and I. Shpakov ODN 0950 Automated magnetic rope condition monitoring: concept and practical experience
B. Pourladian and S. Munuswamy ODN 0951 Characterization and validation testing of a high strength-to-weight ratio torquw-balanced hybrid rope
M. Martinez, R.B. Kante, P. Sicsic and D. Cannell ODN 0952 Two scale numerical simulation of high value large diameter rope
U. Briem ODN 0953 Fatigue behaviour of rope wires
E. Oland, W. Bossolini, O.W. Nielsen, M.P. Soresnsen and C. T. Veje ODN 0954 Modelling the thermal properties of large diameter fibre ropes
R. Wilson ODN 0955 The low temperature aging phenomena of Ultra High Tensile, (1960 grade ropes and above, UHT) mine winding ropes, whilst in storage. Practical case studies from the South African mining industry
V. Roche, V. Vanpeene, A.C. Roche Prado, R.P. Nogueira and S. Pernot ODN 0956 Preliminary investigations of the understanding of the corrosion mechanisms in steel wire ropes