2019 OIPEEC Conference Paper Titles

Author ODN  Title
R. Craig, D. Cannell  ODN 961 The Reality of Testing Direct Steel Wire Replacement with a conventional drum winch mounted within a subsea utility crane
F. Sloan ODN 962 Wear Based Parameter for CBOS Fatigue in Fiber Ropes
A. Frick, W. Frick, G. Novak ODN 963 On the Assesment of the Residual Service Life of Fibre Ropes in Use
M. Hume ODN 964 Modelling Viscoelastic Behaviour in Braided Synthetic Ropes Using Topological Manifolds
J. Flory, I. Ridge ODN 965 Guidelines for Fiber Rope External Abrasion Testing
Y. Kyosev ODN 966 Computer Aided Design of Braided Ropes - Strategies for Considering the Deformations of Single Yarns
M. Vlasblom, R. Bosman,  A. Gualdi, J. Plaia ODN 967 Fundemental Understanding of HMPE Mooring Rope Endurance
R.P. Faria, P. de Jager ODN 968 Realistic Testing and Development of High Performance Synthetic Fibre Rope Slings
S. Falconer, G. Grasmo, E. Nordgård-Hansen ODN 969 Condition Monitoring of HMPE Fibre Rope Using Computer Vision During CBOS Testing
S. Pernot ODN 970 Towards Automatic Evaluation of Rope Condition with Wirelets
R. Eisinger, M. Testa, P. Schmid, G. Novak ODN 971 Research on Magneto-Inductive Rope Testing
M. Wehr, S. Winter ODN 972 Investigations on Long Cable-Stayed Bridge Ropes
D. Å. Stave, R. Schlanbusch, D. Vysochinskiy, G. Grasmo ODN 973 Condition Monitoring of Steel Wire Ropes
A. Lohrengel, M. Schulze,  M. Wächter ODN 974 Finite Element Analysis of Wire Rope Stiffness
M. Martinez, R.B. Kante, D. Cannell, P. Sicsic ODN 975 Finite Element Simulation of a Steel Wire Rope Hanging Form a Sheave, Calculation of the Stress Hisotry in the Wires
U. Briem ODN 976 Mathematical Approach to Curvature of Bent Ropes
W. Frick ODN 977 Loss of Breaking Load of High-Strength Wires During Transverse Pressure
H. Ivanov, N. Ermolaeva, J. Breukels, B. de Jong, P. de Vries, P. Meijers ODN 978 Steel Wire Rope Slng Breaking Load Reduction Due to Bending
S. Hecht ODN 979 Impact of Reverse Bending on the Lifetime of Running Ropes
R. Söhnchen, A. Haqrrach, W. Strauch ODN 980 Semo-Automatic Visual Rope Inspection in Mines with Minespect® 
D. Slesarev, K. Myakushev, I. Shpakov ODN 981 Specific Aspects of Inspection of Large Diameter Steel Ropes
D. Wang, D. Zhang, S. Ge ODN 982 Effects of Crossing Angle and Fatigue Cycles on Tribo-Corrosion-Fatigue Behaviors of Steel Wires in Coal Mine
C. J. Dyson, R. J. Chittenden, M. Priest, M. Fox, W.A. Hopkins ODN 983 A Representative Fretting Wear Test For Wire Rope Internal Contacts: What are Key Lubrications and Tribological Parameters
J-M. Teissier, I. Ridge, J. Dodd ODN 984 In Depth Analysis of the Socket Termination, and Proposal for a New Rope Termination Method
J. Eertman ODN 985 Delaying or Preventing Twist Effects from Rope Sheave Interaction