2024 OIPEEC Conference Paper Titles

Author(s) ODN# Paper Title
M. Stök, Y. Cheng, A. Lohrengel ODN 1014 Geometrical and mechanical considerations for the outer plastic coating of wire ropes on multilayer spooling
M.N. Amin, M. Meleddu ODN 1015 New approach to monitor ropeways vibration-related condition
N. Imbimbo ODN 1016 How to define the minimum number of suspension ropes in elevators and improvement strategies for in service performances
S. Hecht, D. Fischer, R. Schulz ODN 1017 Determination and comparison of the cut resistance of different fibre ropes
S. Varcin, M. Fournier, J.-M. Teissier ODN 1018 A 500 m length test stand for analysis and characterization of elastic behavior of fiber and wire ropes
F. Stegmaier, J. Keller, R. Schulz ODN 1019 Investigation of new criteria for discard detection of fibre ropes for safe operation
O. Allan, T. Mishra, M.B. de Rooij ODN 1020 Effect of rope twist and strand twist on the contact pressure between strands in Aramid fiber three-strand ropes
H. Knoester, B. Cornelissen ODN 1021 Assessing creep behavior of para-aramid fibers during their economic lifetime
E. Huntley, M. Huntley ODN 1022 Fatigue analysis of nylon and polyester rope
C. Bonetti, A. Bell, M. Costa, D. Zanetti, J. Karedan, J. Churchfield, K. Bineklioglu, P. Wang ODN 1023 Non-destructive examination technology for fibre ropes based on advanced vision equipment and algorithms
R. Eisinger, J. Görres, J. Keller, J. Guter ODN 1024 New ways of evaluation of damage to wire ropes by combining different non-destructive rope testing methods
M. Weiss, B. Vaurigaud, J.-F. Cherrier, R. Piednoir, S. Contardo ODN 1025 Evaluation of magnetic rope testing methods, example of the “Half Coil” method
R. Chaplin ODN 1026 Discard criteria: A review
M. Anders, T. Schmidt ODN 1027 Improving lifetime estimation for wire ropes with the Leipzig method
L. Lombardi ODN 1028 Comparison of rope fatigue life using two different test methods
M. Elig, Y. Bae ODN 1029 The influence of the position and number of steel and plastic sheaves on the service life and lifetime of wire ropes: A comparative bending fatigue study
R. Craig, T. Varnava ODN 1030 Experiences using a synthetic fibre rope on a subsea construction vessel
J. Ji, Y. Wang, T. Jiang, Z. Zhu ODN 1031 Research and development of high-performance fibre ropes for high-altitude wind power generation
M. Meuwissen, R. Bosman, M. Vlasblom, M. Eijssen, S. Leite, S. Bull, O. Haugland, V. Ahjem ODN 1032 Bending lifetime prediction method for HMPE rope solutions
P. Wang, H. Schultheis, A. Eelbode, J. Karedan ODN 1033 Development of steel-fibre hybrid ropes and the application in mining hoist systems
P. Freddi, L. Solazzi, G. Donzella ODN 1034 Effect of re-lubrication in extending service life of steel wire ropes
S. Montalvo, M. Martinez, S. Fouvry ODN 1035 Effect of zinc coating and grease on the fretting fatigue life of steel wires used in spiral steel ropes
W. Frick, R. Schulz ODN 1036 On the influence of the quasi-static deformation behavior of a wire rope on its fatigue performance
U. Briem ODN 1037 Dynamic behavior of moving tail ropes
M. Martinez, M. Guiton ODN 1038 Experimental validation of detailed finite element models of steel wire ropes
L. Martinelli, F. Foti, M. Meleddu, M.N. Amin ODN 1039 Analytical model and its implementation in the steel wire rope industry