Non-destructive testing of guy and suspension ropes

Non-destructive testing of guy and suspension ropes

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This paper discusses the problems concerned with the non-destructive test inspection of standing wire ropes such as those used either as guy or suspension ropes. In particular, the problems associated with the examination of tension members staying radio towers and antenna masts (which incorporate ceramic insulators) are addressed.

The special design of an ultra-light weight magnetic testing head that may be split into sections for ease of installation and working at heights or around ceramic insulators is described. Equipped with both inductive (LF) and Hall effect sensors (LMA), the test head can assess both local faults and other types of rope degradation. This paper presents the results from the use of this equipment, in conjunction with the MD120

digital recorder (Meraster, Poland), in service on both guy and suspension ropes.

Author(s): Tytko, A., Kwasniewski ,J., Lankosz,. L.