Wedge sockets

Wedge sockets

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Previously, Don Sayenga (1995) described different forms of wedge sockets in respect to standardization and technical rules. He analysed especially the different methods of clipping the wire rope dead end given by ASME B30.5. In principle there are two clipping methods:

 (i) the dead end of the wire rope is clipped to the bearing wire rope using a U bolt.

 (ii) the dead end of the wire rope is clipped with a short-extra-piece or it is looped and clipped back to itself. In case of loosening the wire rope can move only a small distance through the wedge box.

 A third possible method is to clip the wire rope dead end to the wedge box. This method has been used for a long time for mining hoist ropes in an expensive construction with a wedge angle a = 24° and a big clamping length I between wedge and wedge box. This construction of wedge sockets has definite advantages.


Author(s): K. Feyrer