Working Group 3: Degradation Mechanisms

Working Group 3: Degradation Mechanisms

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The aim is to establish an e-mailing group so that messages may be communicated efficiently to all members. ln this way, it is hoped that information interchange and discussion may be possible, but without the costly and time consuming elements of frequent meetings. Real (as opposed to virtual) meetings can be set up as needed. Members who do not have access to an E-mail system should not feel that they will not be able to be part of the group. As with all Working Groups, to be effective all members of the group should be prepared to make an input, which should not be left to the coordinator, whose additional responsibility it is to report to the General Assembly every two years. Anyone who is interested in participating in this Working Group is urged to contact Georg Kopanakis. Please let him know what your particular interest is, and how you think you might contribute to the group.

Dipl.-Ing. G.A. Kopanakis,

Institut für Werksofteragen und Materialprüfung, Industriestraße 59, CH-8152

Glattbrugg, Switzerland.

phone: +41-1-8105772, fax: +41-1-8100978

E-mail (private)

 Author(s): Kopanakis, G.